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Association Of Contemplative Sisters ~ A Contemporary Contemplative Community
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Association Of Contemplative Sisters

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Association Of Contemplative Sisters: A Contemporary Contemplative Community

Association Of Contemplative Sisters : A Contemporary Contemplative Community

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Home to the leading organization for contemplative women Catholic Christian resources news and information, and the Best Contemplative Links on the web. Worth a visit.


Please find below a short outline of organizational background and general information which you are free to use.
History: In August of 1969, 135 Sisters from 57 contemplative communities gathered at Woodstock, Maryland, to participate in the first seminar for contemplatives in the Catholic Church in the United States.
The Association Of Contemplative Sisters is composed of several regional groups that form one international congregation ministering in many countries across the globe.
In the United States, the Sisters are in 23 states and in Canada they are spread from east to west.  ACS exists to foster and support the contemplative journey of our members.


Description: Association of Contemplative Sisters (ACS) exists to foster and support the contemplative journey. It was founded in contemplative traditions. We act through faithfulness and prayer, trust in the Holy Spirit, and work in the healing and transforming mission of Jesus Christ.

Membership in ACS is open to all women who value and follow the contemplative path and support the mission of ACS.

Public and Political positions: We are an organization of Chrisitian women, religious orders and lay persons.  As such, we hold many different opinions.  We generally keep with the Holy See on matters as an organization; we only express opinions as individuals (subject to Free Will) and do not generally provide opinion on specific topics as an organization since opinion expressed in such a manner tends to disenfranchise and mislead.  We are here to help guide individuals on the contemplative journey, and leave politics to the politicians.